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Frequently asking question

CiC is an annual contest about start-up, especially innovative entrepreneurship for students and pupils. The contest is one of the startup programs of VNU-HCM based on the framework of the "startup journey" model. CiC inspires and leads the projects to self-discover and experience in a real startup environment.

Below are the questions that the CiC Contest organizers usually receive from the contestants. If there is any other question that is related to your concern problem, please contact the Organization via hotline: (+84) 28 372 444 04

1. What contest is CiC?

2. What is the purpose of CiC?

3. Should students and pupils take part in CiC?

If you want to know the reason why students and pupils take part in CiC, click here for a funny survey of CiC

Besides English Group and Vietnamese Group for students, CiC 2022 has an extremely new School Board for students from grades 8 to 12, who are attending schools, training institutions across the country. In addition, the 6th season also has more intensive, more effective activities in terms of supporting groups in training content and methods.

4. What is new for the seventh season - CiC 2022?

5. The main activities of CiC:

  • CiC has 5 rounds of competition and a capital raising round after the final.
  • At each competition round, the contestant groups will experience training activities which specialize in entrepreneurship to help broaden entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. Additionally, there are also sessions to share start-up experiences of entrepreneurs.
  • After taking the training sessions, the contestant groups submit the exams and make presentations for the judges (Board of Examiners) to score and select the excellent teams to enter the next round.

6. How to calculate score for each round of CiC?

7. When will the three exam boards meet?

General questions about the contest

Group point = Process score by the Judges (20% - 30%) + Test score by the Judges (70% - 80%)
- Process score: All the group members must fully attend CiC’s activities. When unable to attend fully, the Judges can consider not deducting points for not participating in the activities if there is a proper reason.
- Process score in final = Process score of all rounds + Process score for activities in the final

Therefore, if you want to win a high prize, in addition to a potential project to convince the judges, you also need to comply with the regulations of the Board of Examiners so as not to lose points in the process.
Test score: Each round will have different requirements. You can see the details here.

CiC is created with a view to:
- Make an experience environment
- Improve both knowledge and skill
- Inspire and spread the startup thinking

The three exam boards will meet at:

  • 3rd Round: The training program on July 24th 2022.
  • 4th Round: Bootcamp on Aug 27&28 in Phan Thiet.
  • 5th Round: "Training Session on capital raising skills for entrepreneurs" on September 25th 2022.
  • Capital raising Round: The sharing session "Consultation, suggestions on raising capital" on November 6th, 2021.
  • Capital raising Round: Program "Calling for investment CiC 2022" on November 13th, 2022.

(Note: The time above is expected, will vary depending on the epidemic and actual situation.)

8. Who are the participants of the contest?

  • English Group and Vietnamese Group:
  • School Board:

 The participants are pupils from grades 8 to 12, who are studying in high schools and continuing education centers

The participant is a group of 2-4 students studying at universities, colleges, and academies nationwide and international.

For those who are no longer students, are postgraduates or have graduated less than 1 year from the launch date (March 19, 2022), still be able to register to attend.

In detail, obviously you can register for CiC if you graduate between 19/03/2021 and 19/03/2022.

9. Can the students from schools outside of VNU participate in CiC?

Definitely YES. At the Student Board, the participants are both national and international students. So if you are not a student at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam National University, you can still attend.

10. Can I register to attend if not a student or pupil?

11. Are the team that won the competition last year allowed to continue to participate in CiC?

  • Ideas which are new, creative, unique and different from the existing Ideas or Solutions on the market.
  • Feasibility, application to real life.

YES. Teams that won last year's prizes CAN continue to participate in CiC 2022.

However, The examiner will score equally based on the criteria to choose out:

Click here for more details about the Judges’ criteria.

12. I do not have a finished product or application, can I join?

YES. Although you do not have a finished product or application, you can still participate in CiC 2022.
CiC is a contest that accepts startup ideas of students and pupils, giving them the opportunity to try and experience as well as improve their knowledge and skills through practical activities of the program.

13. Can students and pupils compete in the same Board?

Years ago, there were many students and pupils who wanted to participate in the CiC together. Therefore, this year CiC organized another exam board for high school pupils from grade 8 to grade 12.
If you are a pupil, you can find teammates and register in the School Board.
If you are a student, please register at Vietnamese Group or English Group.

14. If I do not have any idea, can I participate in CiC?

You can pair up with those who have ideas to attend CiC. If you wonder if CiC supports pairing, please refer to question 25.

NO. At present, the contest is just open for students and pupils who are studying at universities, colleges, and academies nationwide and international.

If you are not a student or pupil but still would like to attend, there is still a way. For a simple and effective way, you find 2-4 students/ pupils to attend and you will be Mentor for their project. Having just been taking part in CiC, and being tried in a new role - Mentor, it's too interesting, isn't it? However, you must note there are benefits and activities of CiC that will only be available to participants. In some cases, the Organizers will let Mentors participate in some CiC’s activities.

Question about Eligibility

15. Is it possible for a team to register 2 ideas to participate in CiC?

NO. It is impossible for a team to register 2 ideas, each team can register for only 1 idea. And the registration field is not limited. From Information Technology, social services, medical services, .... can be all registered.

16. The format form for registering Business model/ Solution model?

In the 1st Round (19/03 - 05/06/2022), the Organizers will record registration information for the CiC contest of teams. Groups do not need to submit file of business model/ solution model yet, just fill out registration information on this form.
In the 2nd Round (06/06 - 11/07/2022), the Organizer will organize a two-day course for participants to understand the rules and information of CiC. After the course, teams will return the test in the form provided by the Organizer. At this time, the Organizers will score and knockout.

17. Project evaluation rules and criteria?

In each round, the Organizer will send detailed rules of each round to the teams that will enter the next round. However, you can refer to the rules, timeline and the itinerary of CiC 2022 at website:

Or directly view the rules here.

18. How many projects go into the next round and how will the rules be detailed?

CiC 2021 included 5 rounds and the number of teams that will go to the inner round as the following:
- 1st Round (19/03 - 05/06): All registration projects
- 2nd Round (06/06 - 11/07): All projects participate in the training course
- 3rd Round (12/07 - 02/08): 80 teams (English: 25, Vietnamese: 25, School Board: 30)
- 4th Round (03/08 - 12/09): 45 teams (English: 12, Vietnamese: 13, School Board: 20)
- 5th Round (13/09 - 02/10): 20 teams (English: 5, Vietnamese: 5, School Board: 10)

In the 5th Round, there will be two finals: one for the student board and one for the high school pupil board.
The time above is expected, and will vary depending on the actual situation. In each round, the Organizer will send detailed information and rules to the contestants.

 At present, you can refer to the rules, timeline and the itinerary of CiC 2022 at website:

19. Is it possible to change team’s members?

Depending on the case, the Organizer will confirm whether to change members or not. You can email BTC if you need support.

Note: In the 1st and 2nd Round, it is possible to change team’s member

20. Can a member join 2 teams?

NO. If you have more than 1 idea, you can invite more members to join the project and participate in the contest. You will lead one project, and work as a mentor for the rest of your projects.

21. If more than one of my projects participates in the contest, and my project as team leader is eliminated while another project passes in the next round, can I move on to the passed project to take part in the inner rounds?

NO. In order to ensure the fairness of the contest, as well as the convenience of managing contestants' information, this is NOT to be done.

You can continue to work as a mentor to the team to go to the next round, to support the project in subsequent activities. If you want to participate in the programs of the inner rounds to support your team, you can register with the Organizer. After reviewing, the Organizer will notify you if you can attend those activities or not.

The Organizer will support the teams to the best of ability, so you can rest assured if you are really passionate about the project and want to follow the contest to the final.

22. Can I take the internship company's project to participate in the contest?

The participants will be solely responsible for the legality of their projects. Therefore, if you have the consent of the intern company, or the project owner to bring the project to the contest, then you can participate in the CiC competition with that project.

Question related to contest rule

Support from CiC

23. What support does The organizer support after the competition to turn ideas into reality?

The Organizing Committee will hold a capital raising session for groups that have passed round 4, and for groups who really want to develop the project after the final. In addition, groups have the opportunity to participate in incubation and start-up programs of ITP and international partners after the competition.

24. I don't have a group, can I still join?

CiC is a group competition, so in case you have an idea and want to participate in CiC but have not found a teammate, the organizers will still accept you for an individual contest in round 1.

Then please quickly find your teammates.

25. Does The Organizer support grouping?

After the 1st Round (the end of June 5), the organizers will support bringing information of individual contestants together for group discussion. However, to be more active in finding the right teammates, you should find yourself rather than waiting for the BTC to connect.
From 2nd Round onwards, BTC will only accept teams of 2-4 members. In case of individual teams, they will be eliminated.

26. Can I get a certificate if I participate in the CiC contest?

CiC is a contest of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM) assigned to the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IEC) by VNU-HCM to perform. So the CiC contest organizers are completely competent to issue certificates for you to apply for a scholarship or add to your CV.

The organizers will also support the confirmation of the travel paper or the CiC attendance certificate with the school so that the school can support the cost of attending for you if you live far from the contest place.

27. Is there any support for remote groups?

The organizers will support online exams and presentations for remote groups (outside HCMC, Dong Nai, Binh Duong). You can also check out the details here.

28. Is it okay if the members are busy or far away so that they cannot attend?

Those who live far away can study and give presentations online. Besides, if you are busy with work with a proper reason that can be proven, the Organizer will review the information and confirm the reason, the process points will not be deducted.

29. Is there a fee to attend the bootcamp and other contest activities?

All programs at CiC are free, especially Bootcamp 2 days 1 night in Phan Thiet.

30. If the project is not accepted, can the Organizer give suggestions to help the team improve the project and produce better products in the future?

The team can send an email to the Organizer, so that the Organizer can give suggestions on the team's project.

The Organizer currently has to prepare for the following rounds, so it is not possible to actively respond to the entire project that did not enter the next round. Therefore, the Organizer will respond and give suggestions for the group that actively asks.

If you have questions, difficulties or need more information about the CiC Contest from the Organizer, please contact us by one of the following ways to receive timely support:

  • 1. Message to Fanpage CiC 2022.
  • 2: Comment below the posts
  • 3: Send questions to email:
  • 4: Call (+84) 28 372 444 04.




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